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FOS: Becoming Popular 1.0 by hartfie212
Page 1

Beeping Fills the rather large room, yet small when compared to this county sized estate. Cass’s 6th alarm goes off awakening him, and he knows what number it is instant because he placed the 6th on top of his dresser.

He gets up and turns it off to realize he doesn't know where his glasses are.
"Where are they, where are they, where are they", is repeated as he scrambles.
Cass- Where did I drop those glasses, mom will kill me if I lose them.

Before Cass’s shining father, and gloomy mother left on their exertion. One of them left him a present. His mother had left him her almond colored glasses. They clearly didn't look good for him but he accepted the pair as she had told him, “ When I first started looking through them they didn't do much for me - but eventually these glasses changed my outlook on life for the better…. I hope they do the same for you”. This was one of the few times his mother looked at him warmly. One of the few times that he truly connected with those warm hazel eyes.

Cass eventually found the terribly large glasses under his almost regal sized dresser cascaded with dust.

Cass: "Finally, there you are, Now I can get ready for school. With my new clothes, There's, no way things won't change."

(Page 1 End)
FOS: Becoming Popular 1.1 by hartfie212
Page 1.1

He begins to get dressed as his 7th, and last alarm goes off. Cass really wanted to make sure today was perfect so he took a lot of precautions. Sadly no amount of preparing would prepare him for this school year.

Alarm: “beep….beep….beep”

Cass: “why did I leave the last alarm under my bed, jeez.”

He Bends down and reaches under his conspicuous bed struggling to grab the oddly placed alarm. He tries to grab it but he’s to no avail. The alarm simply mocks him and his inability to reach it.

Alarm: “Beep Beep Beep Bee……”

Cass: “COME ON!, Cass shouts as if someone was there to help, or even care.”

Cass keeps reaching for the alarm breathing rather heavy for what seems like no reason.

He manages to grab the alarm only to hear the mocking get louder.


The alarm laughing at his shortcomings. The alarm laughing at how pathetic he is compared to everyone else.

Alarm: “HAA!! HAA!! HAA!! HAA!!”

Echoes of that wretched day start to replay in his head. All the laughing, all of his crying over and over. Cass starts to hyperventilate only barely shaking out of the nightmare after he throws the alarm in his Trash Cycler 3000 only to hear a hiss, releasing him from his anguish.

“Relief”, Cass thought as he injected his old style inhaler into his body.

(Page 1.1 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 2 by hartfie212
Page 2

While getting dressed he realized the pants he bought for this day specifically, that actually fit him perfectly 3 weeks ago when he bought them are now tight…… very tight. He starts to feel depressed but continues to get dressed huffing, puffing, and sucking with each move.

He believes that his breathing issues stem from his weight which he is not completely wrong about, but he’s a tad off. Cass suffers from the disease that leads his body fat to be redistributed much different than other bodies. This also means that anything foreign to his body could shift his body fat easily.

He first started having breathing issues 4 years ago when he had his tonsils removed and the area around it started swelling in his throat. Some of the swellings never fully went down due to the fat redistributing into these areas - leading to long-term breathing issues.

Even with all his misfortunes he tries to stay positive and look to the future.

Being almost done getting dressed, he puts on his fedora and replaces his mother's glasses with a better-looking pair of glasses to complete the look.

Though he appreciated  the glasses, he didn't believe it would be in his best interest to wear these glasses to school

Cass: “I don't know how mom wears those things. Either way, man I look nice, it’s time to get to school.”

Cass has been switching styles for the past 2-3 years hoping it would make him friends. He usually gives up on the style after a few months and switches to another one, though. This year he is trying to mix the 1900’s with modern day 2200’s clothing.

Though he does this every year he fails to obtain a new friend….even one that will use him...for his smarts or wealth. Even if he were to get a friend he feels that would only scratch the surface when trying to reach his goal of becoming popular.

As he runs out panting to his new Bugatti 41 from the 1930’s that has been modernized for safety reasons. He notices he is missing his backpack and that he left it with the gatekeeper.

As he leaves the gatekeepers outpost someone walking a dog passes by, and says something he can't quite hear until they come closer.

Dog Walker: “T ety…… hety…...ey fety…. HEY FATTY”

Cass starts to tremble as he realizes that he is being called fat. His legs lock and he is nearly on the brink of another breakdown right before someone else comes by saying something.

Cute Girl: “Hey fatty, come here boy.”

*His heart drops*

Cute girl: “That's a good boy, wanna treat?”

Right before passing out he watches her as she squats down to pet the dog walkers dog. Repeating those words again. As he notices this the dog walker comes around to petting the dog.

That's a good fatty, who's a good fatty… you are!!

Realizing they were talking to the dog, Cass breaks from another illusion, soon after breaking into laughing as he walks to the 1930’s Bugatti 41 and prepares to go to school.

Cass thinks to himself while smiling:”This is going to be a different year, I’ll make sure of it!”.

(Page 2 End)
FOS: Becoming Popular 3.1 by hartfie212
Page 3.1

Cass arrives at school with only happiness and glee. As he gets out everyone is watching so that they can catch a glimpse of the person that could afford a vehicle like this. After getting out the car, everyone stared and took pictures and were clearly happy.

“There actually smiling at me, there happy? Not disgusted? This year is going to be different” is what Cass is thinking as he attempts to walk into the school.

Before he can make into the school, he is stopped by Bryan. Bryan is a stereotypical outsider that simply rebels & bullies because of his own issues. He is a lot taller than Cass and towers over him because of his short stature.

Bryan: “So what's up with you coming up in my school stunting. What are you some sort of big shot or something?”

Suddenly Cass Freezes and is barely able to respond.

Someone randomly yells out “he still says”stunting” ”, which leaves the crowd of students laughing at Bryan. Bryan starts to get pissed off from all the laughing


Everyone gets quiet when they hear how mad he is.

Cass: “O...O..Ok”
Cass: ”I”

Before he knew it Bryan had cocked back and gives Cass a face full of bony knuckles.

As Cass falls in what seems like slow motion, he thinks to himself: ”At Least they didn't call me Puke boy or Fatty”

Cass hits the ground and is on the verge of passing out. Everyone starts to leave
and a few come in contact with him.

Bryan spits on Cass and says: “ Fuck with me again and I will kill you”.

Before leaving Bryan smashed  Cass’s glasses, after that he grabbed his hat and bag and said he’d be keeping them. Not like he couldn't easily replace them.

As Bryan walks away one of his followers runs up on Cass and puts his arms to his sides and start thrusting back and forth. He turns to catch up to his leader, and he trips over Cass’s leg.
Once he recovers he kicks Cass and continues running to his leader.

The last person Cass was left to encounter before passing out was a seemingly emo girl with purple and black colored hair. She came pass looking relatively happy smiling at Cass's lifeless body. She waves at him with a calming smile and simply walks away as he gives into slumber.

(Page 3.1)
FOS: Becoming Popular 3.2 by hartfie212
Page 3.2

As Cass Comes too he hears a giggle. As he opens his eyes he sees the sun's rays eclipsing off an oblong shape.

Unknown Voice: “Oh so you're finally awake”

After blinking a few times Cass realizes the voice came from a female.

Unknown women: You got hit pretty hard huh?

After Fully regaining his senses, he realizes he is laying on something soft and staring at a beautiful girl, rubbing his forehead.

Cass thinks to himself:”I must be dead”. then proceeds to whisper: “Is this heaven?”.

With a chuckle, the Women replies “Thanks for the compliment, and no, no you are not in heaven. “You're in front of Dime Peak High School, laying on the lap of some girl you don't know.” She ends her sentence with a rather cute smile.

Cass quotes the girl in bewilderment: “laying on the lap of some girl you don't know?”

After he comes to his senses, he jumps up screaming realizing how close he was to this strange girl.

Unknown women: *Laughing* oh my god, you're so silly, I’m not gonna bite. My name is Skyler… mind telling me yours?”

Starting in a stutter Cass replies:” C..C....Cass”

Skyler:” well Cass I just wanted to make sure you were ok. That was one hell of a scene.  Bryan hasn't always been a complete asshole. He uses…….”

Cass starts to break down and sits in the fetal position as she's talking.

Skyler: Whats wrong, I can go get a nurse if you want?

As she kneels next to Cass she begins to ask him why he is crying. It seemed to her that it was more than just being punched onto his ass bothering him.

Abruptly, Cass starts ranting about his issues: “I Just wanted things to be different this year. I can't lose any fricking weight. I can't  even get a girlfriend no matter what I do. All I want to do is become popular.

Brought back by his abrupt yet welcomed exposure of his feelings, Skyler replies: “Well i Don't know what you want to be different this year but I'm open to helping you if you would like.

*Cass looks up at her with puffy eyes and a nose full of snot*

Skyler: “I have access to the gym at all times and I also have a gym at my home. I am fairly active myself and I would be willing to workout with you. Although I don't really think you need to lose weight, you look good the way you are!”

Skyler's words leave Cass crying more as he’s never heard someone say that.

Skyler: “You don't  need to be popular to get a girlfriend, but I can try and help you become popular”, Skyler Peppily says to the disgruntled teen.

Cass: Really!

Skyler: Well sure! how about this. Meet me at the gym after school. Text me if you need directions. The school is pretty big, here I will put my number on your phone.”

Unable to react, Cass is frozen with the disbelief of his luck.

After giving him back his phone, Skyler gives Cass a kiss on the cheek that leaves him shaking. Sky Stands up giggling and starts walking away. As she walks away Cass simply stares at her in shock.

Skyler: Also don't worry about Bryan
Skyler: oh and try not be late” *Wink*

Completely starstruck Cass sits there for another 15 minutes before heading to class.
Cass has been intimidated by not just other people but specifically the other sex. He has wanted a Girlfriend since he was 11. The closest he ever came was when he was 12. He had the hots for Angela Tempa. Angela was Cass’s childhood friend that was always kind to him …. Even after the incident.

Sadly her parents weren't as thoughtful as after the events of that day they wanted her to stay away from him. She didn't listen so they shipped her off to all girls boarding school. Since they were not allowed to talk to anyone of the other sex on campus or off. Communication had been lost for them besides the occasional letter from letting him know she is still alive.

In her absence, he has become infatuated by cute girls, especially ones that were blonde like  Angela with sky blue eyes. He believes that if he can become popular he will get a girlfriend. Skyler perfectly matched the description of his fixation. This is the huge reason why he is so taken aback.

(Page 3.2 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 4 by hartfie212
Page 4

After school ends, Cass wastes no time in following the signs leading him to the gym. He is too afraid to text Skyler, as he is too shy to ask his peers/teacher, Being the new kid really sucks.

While following the signs, Cass was about to cross the hall when two police officer passed him with a familiar face.

The Familiar face was Bryan!. “This must have been what she meant, thought to himself. Cass was happy to get revenge yet still felt bad about what was happening to Bryan until  he felt wet sludge hit him in the face and slowly role down his face. He soon realizes it came from bryan's mouth.

Bryan: “Fuck You Snitch, I will get you back”

At first Those  words haunted Cass until he realized he must be going to Juvie. He Can't do anything to him after being sent there right?.

After that Cass continues to the gym. Once he arrives he sees skyler, in a blue one piece swimsuit. His jaw starts to drop as Skyler notices him.

Skyler: ah there you are, here take these and put them on.

As Skyler hands him some very thick clothing, Cass starts to get red  as the only girl, his age, he has ever been naked in front of is Angela.

“Right here?”, Cass Says in shock
Skyler: hmm?
Cass: You want me to change right here?

Skyler starts to laugh quietly: Not necessarily, the changing rooms over there. But if you want to change in front of me i'm  fine with it”, she says teasingly.

His eyes widen and he instantly turns around and hurries to the locker room hoping she didn't see what was going on in his pants.

When he returns he feels super uncomfortable in the tight, yet heavy clothing.

Cass: “Are these suppose to be so heavy.”
Skyler: Yep!, there suppose to be heavy like that to help you lose weight. The weight is from the heat packs that activate when in contact to water. The suit is insulated, so when you're running, jogging, working out, or just swimming;

Skyler: “You will be Sweating your butt off even in the water.”

“You want me to swim in this?” Cass says astonished.

Skyler: of course I do, I want you to lose weight silly, and this is the fastest way. Now go get in  the deep end of the pool.

Cass didn't know how how to swim, but he couldn't say no to someone as cute as her.

Cass gets in the water, trying to keep his cool and not hyperventilate.

Skyler: so what we're going to do is start  with is  a few laps. After that we can start our little workout”,she explains.

When skyler says this his heart almost skips a beat. Cass thinks to himself: “A few laps?, a little workout after? I am going to drown”.

As skyler gets in the pull herself  cass starts to exclaim to her he can't swim. Skyler stops him and says that it's ok and that the water  has been mixed with a chemical to make him float no matter what. He remembers that his pool is just like this.

Skyler then says:” It's ok I’m right here”, as she leans into to kiss him on the  cheek again. Let's go.

Once again Starstruck, all Cass can do is simply Follow her commands.

(Page 4 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 5 by hartfie212
Page 5

Now that they have been at it for some weeks Cass has lost some pounds. She decides that they're going to start doing lighter workouts outside of the pool. When Cass hears this He becomes excited.

They continue this style of workout for over a month. As the time goes on Cass starts to feel a bit more capable. Because of this, he asks if there was a heavier suit he could wear. Skyler surprised gave him the other set of gear.

Within the first day, he sprained his ankle leading to them taking a break for a day before getting back into it.

(Page 6 End)

Becoming Popular 6 by hartfie212
Page 6

After a month of lighter workouts, with heavier gear. Cass felt that he could do more. He asks if he could start powerlifting but  skyer told him he would gain mass and possibly gain more weight. Which discouraged him from lifting weight at all. So he continued with workouts that would only help him lose weight and not get stronger.

Little did Cass know, Skyler didn't want to help get stronger. She only wanted him to lose weight.

After more time passes, Cass' hair starts to grow out much longer. He had stopped going to get his week haircut after skyler said that she thought he would look better with longer hair.


Once Friday rolled around, Skyler asked him if he would like to work out at her house tomorrow. Cass Automatically froze with the thought of going to a girls house.

Skyler: *So I will take that as a yes” *Giggle*

*Cass nods his head up and down*

Skyler: “Well since you're already going to come over tomorrow, you wanna just come over tonight and spend the night? I could fix up your face if you would like also.”

After saying this Cass nearly shits himself.Shaking his head up and down furiously with the biggest smile he's had in months.

This was great because not only would he be able to lose ome weight over the weekend, but he would also get help and making the bruises on his face go away.

It also didn't hurt he was going to be spending the night at Skyler's house

As Cass is Leaving the pool he notices the same emo girl from the first day of school floating on the edge of the pool next to the one he usually uses.

As he passes he passes she submerges herself in the pool. “Was she staring at me?...”, Cass thought to himself curiously.

(Page 6 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 7 by hartfie212
Page 7

Cass arrived at Skyler's estate late that night. To his astonishment. She had an estate as big, if not bigger than his. When he gets to the door he is let in by Skyler's Nanny (Having Nanny’s has become a norm for traveling parents who can afford it, in this day and age). Once in the nanny calls for one of the maids to go get Skyler.

Five minutes later, Skyler comes into the room Cass is sitting in nothing but her nightie. Cass is nothing but surprise but has become better at talking to others, and manages a simple hello.

Skyler: “Hey Cass, I’m sorry I took so long, I just woke up from a nap. Let's go upstairs and get started. I have everything laid out already.

Surprised Cass Asks skyler: “Get started on what?”

Skyler: “On your face, of course, Didn't you want me to fix it up?”

Cass agrees then starts to walk up the flight of stairs with her. As there walking to the room, Cass asks skyler about her estate and a little more about her.

He found out that her parents owned & ran multiple companies. That the Industries they were involved in ranged from, Beauty industry to the healthcare industry.

Finally making it to the room he is asked to take a seat.

Once he sits down he watches skyler pick up an object foreign to him. They look like really small players. He asks what those are, and skyler tells him there tweezers. There used to pluck his eyebrows. Cass tries to protest but is shot down by her.

Skyler: “now listen, I am just going to touch you up. I promise it will be ok, just close your eyes and it will all be over soon. I am trying to become a cosmetologist.”

As skyler starts to pluck his eyebrows, he takes note of the fact it doesn't really hurt at all.

Skyler: “Oh Crap”
Cass: “What!?”
Skyler: “Um, it’s nothing so don't worry about it”

When she's done she with his eyebrows she starts to work on his eyelashes. The mascara she is using on his eyelashes doesn't do much. It actually isn't macara at all, It's an experimental mix from one of her parent's beauty companies that are meant to increase the length of eyelashes over time.

After wiping his face down she applies a layer of makeup that's his skin color to make the bruise hidden.

Since he still can't see his face she takes the opportunity to apply a technique she learned on the internet using her long lasting makeup.

When he opens he looks into the mirror he is nothing but happy to see how much better he looks without the bruise. He Fails to notice everything else she used to make him look a bit better.

(Page 7 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 8 by hartfie212
Page 8
One weekend of hard work later and Skyler has decided he should stop working out and try a new method.Skyler was going to be visiting some relatives for a couple weeks so Happy with the results so far, Cass Agrees.

Since winter is at there door, Skyler Wants Cass to wear an outfit of close for at least four hours and thats it. Cass asks for more, but he is once again shot down.

Skyler: “these clothes are designed to keep you warm, but they will get you really cold for an hour to help burn some of the fat. For the last 2 hours, It will just massage you. I promise it will be better than everything we have done.”

Not wanting to disappoint her, Cass accepted the clothing deciding to put them on when he got home.

The first night wasn't all that bad, nor was the rest of them but he sure did get results. After only 2 weeks of this, he had lost more weight than everything he had done before hand combined.  

He also notices his hair had grown faster than usual but decides to ask what skyler thinks of it before he takes any action. Skyler gets back tonight and he supposes to be spending the night at her house that night & going with her shopping in the morning.

(Page 8 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 9 by hartfie212
Page 9
One weekend of hard work later and Skyler has decided he should stop working out and try a new method. Skyler was going to be visiting some relatives for a couple weeks so she doesn't want him to get hurt while she's gone. Happy with the results so far, Cass Agrees.

Since winter is at there door, Skyler Wants Cass to wear an outfit of close for at least four hours and that's it. Cass asks for more, but he is once again shot down.

Skyler: “these clothes are designed to keep you warm, but they will get you really cold for an hour to help burn some of the fat. For the last 2 hours, It will just massage you. I promise it will be better than everything we have done.”

Skyler: "Also please take these pills each time before you start a new session. One of its main features is weight loss."

Not wanting to disappoint her, Cass accepted the Pills & clothing deciding to put them to use when he got home.

When he read the pill bottle he notices it had no label. The only text on the entire bottle was "Property Of Trans.Corp". Trusting Skyler He just figured it was something from one of her parent's companies.

The first night wasn't all that bad, nor was the rest of them but he sure did get results. After only 2 weeks of this, he had lost more weight than everything he had done before hand combined.  

He also notices his hair had grown faster than usual but decides to ask what skyler thinks of it before he takes any action. Skyler gets back tonight and he supposes to be spending the night at her house that night & going with her shopping in the morning.

(Page 9 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 10.0 by hartfie212
Page 10.0

When he gets to Skyler's house she can barely recognize him. When she finally realized it was him, she screamed and ran to hug him. Astonished by how much he's come along in such a short amount of time.

She was so excited she Exclaimed:" OMG, look at you you're so much different. You've lost so much weight, come on let's go upstairs and  see what's changed.

She was going so fast she didn't even how he was doing. Not that he was complaining. he was happy to hear what she said. (He was also happy she didn't not notice the  boner he had that was noticeably smaller than usual.


When they get up to the room she has him strip naked. Cass is a bit reluctant as she want to see him naked, but since he was so happy that was short lived. Looking at his body in the mirror together they both started freaking out with happiness. Cass gave her a hug, and she hugged him back.

Cass: *Crying* "Thank you so much Skyler, none of this could've happened without you"
Skylar: "None of this could happen without your hard work silly. And were still have a lot of work to do."

*They stop Hugging*

Skyler: "We definitely need to something with that hair.  you look like shaggy", *Giggling*. "How about this, since we're going to the mall tomorrow to shop. We can do something about that unruly hair."
Cass: "Sure! whatever you say Skyler"
Skyler "Great! I will call Kim and schedule"

Since they were both fairly tired they agreed they'd catch some sleep, and wake up early tomorrow and leave.

(Page 10.0 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 10.1-2 by hartfie212
Page 10.1-2

When Skyler went and laid down, Cass left her room to go to the room he normally sleeps in. once he got there he decided he would check himself out in the closet mirror, and compare himself to a picture he had his bedroom mirror take and and send to his phone back before school even started.

He was astonished to see the comparison. This lead him to break  into tears of joy. His parents would not only for sure let him take care of himself. But He also believes this will help him in becoming popular.

While laying in bed, cass starts to wonder why  Skyler had to make an appointment.... and wonder who is kim?

(Page 10.1-2 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 10.3 [EXPLICIT] by hartfie212
Page 10.3

Opening up his eyes still groggy, he sits up feeling pretty heavy.  After yawning, he feels a sensation above his groin. Knowing this sensation he figures he should go to the bathroom.

As Cass walks to the bathroom he reaches to scratch his groin. As he scratches he reaches for his balls only to be struck by a sensation of bliss he has never felt before.

Continuing to enjoy this sensation for a few more seconds. Bliss turns into shock just as fast as it came. Quickly gaining a cold sweat coming to a realization he loses his grogginess.

Opening up his eyes he doesn't recognize the room he is in.

His hair is partially blocking his vision when he goes to move it he notes that the color is much lighter than its natural pigment. Looking down he realizes even what he is wearing is different from what he went to sleep with, even if he can still barely see them.

*Barely noticeable sounds*

The room he is in even the same color as his room. This room is clearly a girls room. He sees a mirror a few steps away and decides to run over to it.

Female voice: hello

Cass stops before getting to the mirror looking for someone else to know avail. Not completely there mentally he continues to the mirror.

Female Voice: oh my god

Getting to the mirror he is taken aback not by the fact that the face isn't his own…. But the fact it was Angela Tempa, his childhood friend.

Even more beautiful than when he last saw her. Though he couldn't make her out that well he could still see her blonde hair & calming blue eyes. Seeing what he was wearing, a nightgown didn't do much to him but when he realized what he had just done to her body a few seconds ago his eyes widened as he got redder than before.

Female Voice: WAKE UP!

Opening his eyes he makes out Angela's eyes, no Skyler's eyes only a few inches from him. Already flustered from his dream he gets red.

Skyler: *Giggle* “Time to get up sleepy head”
Flustered Cass Replies:  “yeh!”

As he gets ready he gets a text.
(7:52PM)Mom: Did you make it to school?
(8:23PM)Cass: ye, of course, I did mom
(8:25PM)Mom: oh well, did you brush your teeth?
(8:25PM)Cass: Of course mom
(8:25PM)Mom: well good, make sure you call me tomorrow, goodnight.
(8:26PM)Cass: night mom
                                    Yesterday 9:21 PM

(10:00AM)Mom: Hope everything's going well, we're going to be in an area that won't have much internet connection or satellite connectivity for some time. Even the Bi-Ganymede 7 couldn't reach us here. I hope you stay safe. Call Allen if you run into any trouble. Your dad said he loves you n so do I <3. Wish us luck cas

(10:00AM)Cass: Love you, mom! Hope you guys stay safe

(Page 10.3 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 11.0 by hartfie212
Page 11.0

Once they arrive at the mall, to Cass’s enjoyment Skyler told him they were going to skip the shopping and go do something more “interesting”, as Skyler worded it. Though he did not ask he was sure he would enjoy the latter more than going on a shopping spree with a rich girl.

To Cass’s surprise they entered a beauty parlor, or was it a salon? Cass couldn't really tell the difference as he had never been to one before. The store had a sign that even Cass thought beautiful.  French text  saying “Hair & Beauty Within” with small text under it reading “Awaken your true self”. Behind the text was rose petals randomly scattered on the sign- pink to the text’s sky blue coloring.

The stores Color scheme did not differ much from the sign, nor did the style of any of the people working there.

Behind the main desk where the secretary was seated there was a large wall with pictures of all 8 employees. “6 men & 2 women”, Cass took a mental note of. 5 of the males were obviously there gender along with the two females, whilst 1 of the men took Cass sometime to discern his gender as he was fairly feminine. Cass thought nothing of it as he wasn't the type to judge others.

All the employees were wearing clothing that only complimented the store color pallet. Cass found  the theme distasteful - not realizing how much he would come to love it.

11.0 part 2
While Cass was busy scoping the  place out Skyler had went and hunted down a woman in the store. She was a fair skinned beauty, with hair that was brunnete that accentuated her emerald eyes. Cass realized she was one of the employees, and that he was most likely about to become one of her customers.

Skyler: “So this is my friend Cass, Cass meet Kim she does my hair when my personal stylist is on vacation.”

Out of nowhere, Kim pounces on Cass delivering one of the Longest hugs he has ever received.

Cass says: “oh um, hi kim”, as his face begins to redden as the brunette pulls  him closer.”

Kim: “Ohhh My Gossh, you're the Cass I’ve heard so much about, you have such an nice face so much to work with. Only someone with a face like yours could be my little Skyler's Lover “

Cass & Skyler: “LOVER! “
Cass’s Face  becomes completely red, as does Skyler's face as well.

“Kim!”, Skyler announces, “we aren't…..lovers” she says meekly.

The shooting down of that possibility made cass a little sad, but  her hesitation made it all back up.

Realizing her mistake she lets Cass go and tries to change the subject.

Kim: “omg, I am so sorry you  guys must be so embarrassed”

Cass notices  Skyler glaring at kim as if she was painting a target on her, and thinking of way to get back at her.

Kim: “Well how about be just get started. You have a pretty nice face and smile. But that's all for nothing if the hair on your head isn't up to par mister!”

Cass agreed with the feeling that this wasn going to be a normal haircut for him.

Kim:” Especially after what  She did to your eyebrows, sheesh.”

Skyler:” Hey! I tried really hard on them!” *pouting*

Kim’s comments only reinforced what Cass thought.

(Page 11.0 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 11.1 by hartfie212
Page 11.1

Before they start Kim says that he has to strip to his underwear. Cass tries to protest, but as usual, he is overruled.

Cass: “but why!?!”

“when we do our job we here at the “Hair & Beauty Within”, would like to give you the best experience ever. In order to do that, you have to get buck naked.” Kim says with a calming smile.

Though it was obvious this was rehearsed to even Cass, he decided to stop protesting even if he'd be naked in front of two cute girls.

Skyler: “Don't worry Cass everyone has to do it when they come in. All of my parent's beauty stores have this as a policy. Even I have to do it!”

Hearing these words as he undresses leads his mind into a reality he believed he’d never see. Images of Skyler naked rushed through his mind momentarily as he undressed. Coming to his senses he noticed in the mirror behind him and he saw that his face was flushed out.

He instantly checked his lower body to notice if he had become erect. To his astonishment, his friend in his lower half was barely hard at all, if not nearly flaccid. That this was bizarre to him he thought nothing of it as curiosity was overwhelmed by happiness.

Luckily their girls were far too into their conversation to even notice him even checking himself out. They were discussing what Kim was going to be doing for Cass whilst Skyler got her nails done 2 stalls over.

(Page 11.1 End)

FOS: Becoming Popular 11.1-4 by hartfie212
Page 11.1-4

After he fully undress and  throws his clothes in the bin for his clothes to be cleaned and stored. He is addressed by Kim.

Kim:  “now take a seat over here so we can get started, pal”

He obliges with a slight smile of victory. A victory that would soon be crushed.

While Kim washed his hair Skyler went to go get her nails done by the beauty machine 2 stalls over. Cass asked if it was normal for them to wash customers hair before doing anything. Kim said: “yes”, but did not go into much detail - which seemed out of character for her. Cass let it go since he didn't really know her that well anyway.

After finishing the quick wash she matted his hair down to get ready for what she had left to do.

She pulled out some tweezers, which made Cass a little uncomfortable as Skyler told him they were only for Eyebrows. To his dismay he was right as she started to pluck his eyebrows - he decided it would be best if he didn't try to protest again. Even if  it wasn't what he *thought* signed up for.


After she finished, with his newly feminine brows she started to his hair almost immediately not allowing him to have a mirror to see what she had done.

Kim: “There all done!”

Kim swings the chair with him in it around so that he can get a good look at what she's done to him.

Cass started to ask who was that in the mirror until he started to realize it was himself. His eyes grew wide when he realized he looked just about as feminine as that one male employee he saw. Before he freaked out - Kim had went and got skyler.

Skyler: Holy!, oh my god, you look so great! Kim thank you sooo much!

Skyler embraces Cass, giving him a big hug bundled with one her normal cheek kisses. Cass instantly changed his mind about the whole event, deciding it was nothing but positive.

Skyler tells Cass to get dressed so they cant start there day of shopping; while Skyler transfers the credits over to Kim. tries to protest as he’d like to pay but he was drowned about by there transparently closed conversation.

(Page 11.1-4 End)
Finally I got part 1 posted >.<, 2 more incoming
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