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Page 1

After many months of testing and experimenting, Bryan was left more irate than ever Especially after they forced him to wear transparent contacts that made it hard for him to make things out, making for a little less complaining doing experiments. Even on his off days his doctor Ai would test him giving him many shots and pills. Bryan use to fight back but eventually retreated to simply treating her like crap.

The many experiments did a lot to his body that wasn't yet physically apparent outside of his slight weight loss.Since he was always fairly skinny it wasn't all that noticeable to him. He would overhear doctors talk about his conditions and changes but he was always left confused. One thing was for sure he definitely felt more of an itch down below than what he used to.

Being stuck in a cell by himself with very little human contact certainly didn't help. Though his cell was filled with anger it was also occupied by a teenager with sexual urges. He had to please himself at least once every other day just to keep from pouncing on what Bryan would call “that bitch Ai”.

Bryan was just finishing one of those sessions when he started to hear the clatter of heels tapping the floor with each step.


“Shit fucking shit that bitch is coming”, Bryan thinks to himself as the infamous doctor reaches his cage.

Doctor Ai : “Bryan”

Bryan: “Bitch”

Doctor Ai : “Please refer to me by my official title, Doctor Ai”

Bryan: “I thought I was, Bitch?”

Doctor Ai : “Please refer to me as..”

Bryan: “Bitch?”

Doctor Ai : “Listen you little prick I am trying to…. *Exhaling* *Cough Cough* “I am Trying to stay professional but you make it… somewhat difficult. Can you please refer to me by my name….please”

Bryan: “Sure thing bitch”

Clearly annoyed the doctor continues

Doctor Ai : “The initial plan was to let you off on good behavior on this date”

Bryan: “Sure Bitch”

Doctor Ai : “….But obviously, things haven't worked out as expected…”

Bryan: “No shit”

Doctor Ai : “Since you have failed to co-operate in nearly everything we have attempted we will be moving onto a final experiment before releasing you. You will have little to no say in this endeavor.”

Bryan: “Pshhh, not as if I ever did bitch”

Doctor Ai : “You will be retrieved in 2 hours for the final experiment, before then please administer your own shots or we will be forced to...use draconian methods.”

“A guard hands him a syringe”

Bryan: “Draco what bitch?”

The Doctor and the guards walk away leaving Bryan to prepare for his final experiment… and release.

(Page 1 End)

Bryan clearly isn't the nicest person ever lol

P.S I know the picture is from Shutterstock.... did not realize it until it was too late >-<..... it's really hard to see!

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