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FOS - The Story Of Bryan (Page3) by hartfie212 FOS - The Story Of Bryan (Page3) by hartfie212

Page 3

Bryan eventually wakes up hours later to a deep humming and  even deeper headache. As he tries to get up he smacks head up against something that is a hard metal.

Bryan: Shit!

When he opens his eyes he Sees some form of metal with things that looked like turquoise dotted all over it.

Looking around Bryan realizes he is inside of some machine. There's a huge opening in the bottom so he begins to scoot out of the machine

Trying to stand he only fails, Bryan falls to his face.

Bryan: Wtf man

Bryan thinks to himself:*I can't feel my fucking legs, shit I can't feel fucking anything*

Not having the ability to fully use his limbs he starts to drag himself to  the entrance of his cage.

Once reaching the door he struggles  to pull himself up on the door handle; fully able to control his limbs but completely unable to feel them.

Once up  he waddles, falls, and walks like a zombie through the maze like deserted hallways. Anyone to see him  would certainly think him something supernatural If they were unaware of his condition.

He eventually makes it to the entrance of the experimental prison with nearly if not all of his senses back in his limbs.

Walking down the stairs past all the yellow tape into the night the only thing on his mind was escaping that hell hole.

Decrepitly stalking the streets going no where mindlessly for what seemed like hours Bryan eventually stumbled across a group of people making a huge ruckus from a storefront.

As bryan's watches them he realizes there breaking into the store. His mind still cloudy he felt the need to join them off of impulse for some reason.

Shivering he looked down seeing his nearly naked body. He decided to join in and hopefully find some decent clothes to wear. He decided on joining the people ravaging the store.

(Page 3 End)

This couldnt end badly :P
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