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FOS - The Story Of Bryan (Page4) by hartfie212 FOS - The Story Of Bryan (Page4) by hartfie212

As wind and time pass by them, they eventually reached their destination; a worn down warehouse that was seemingly in need of major maintenance.

Pulling out her keys and unlocking the large door, she turns to Bryan, “Are you coming?”

Bryan once again coming too, replies “ Who are you talking to!?”, In an angry voice. 

“I don’t have time for this”, the women says as she grabs Bryan and pulls him into her residence.

Sitting Bryan across from her in a small room with a decent amount of furniture, then sitting down herself she begins to question Bryan.

“So care to explain to me why you're naked and clearly incoherent to everything”

Bryan: “Pshh, Why does it matter, to someone like you”

Snapping the girl responds, “It matters because I just lost bunch of crap trying to help you, now drop the attitude before I lose my generosity”

Bryan: “I didn't need your help shit, I was fucking fine!”

Cracking back, “ Oh really? A Naked guy mindlessly walking around clothes store that was just robbed? I would like to imagine how your conversation with the cops would have gone.”

Bryan getting quite, looks away and responds,”Well….. What can you do for me then…”

“Not so fast, tell me why you're like this. Are you homeless, or a drunk…. Or both?”

Bryan: “I am not a fucking drunk, fuck I could go for a beer. I was in some fucking jail bullshit and just got out”

Fishing through a fridge hidden in the darkness she responds,” That still doesn't explain why you're so lost… and naked”

They were doing some bullshit to me and shit but I can't remember too well.

Thinking hard,” I don't remember much of anything now that I fucking think about it!”

“Sooo you don't remember anything, well what's your name at least?”

Bryan struggling to remember Gets  frustrated and shouts, “It’s none of your damn business”

Chucking,”You can't remember can you tough guy”

Taken down a notch Bryan quietly replies,”shut the fuck up”

“Do you remember where you lived at least, maybe even family?”

Bryan: “”

Sipping on a can she replies, “ well how about this, I will let you stay with me until you can figure your crap out, I will even give you some...clothes”

Bryan: “Why the fuck would you help someone like me?”

“As I said, I am feeling a bit generous, Catch!”, She commands as she chucks a can of beer Bryan.

“Now drink that while I go grab you come clothes to wear”

(Page 4 End)

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