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FOS - The Story Of Bryan (Page7) by hartfie212 FOS - The Story Of Bryan (Page7) by hartfie212

After paying the driver she begins to talk to Bryan, “Sorry for not having a car, I haven't really  needed one so far.”

Bryan just follows her into the store confused on why a homeless person would have a car.

“Grab, whatever you would like, i’m paying”

Still hard at seeing, he grabs the first thing within reach, burrito nestled on top of salsa. While she payed for it Bryan is able to make out what seems to be her wallet. He thinks to himself,”Bitches keep wallets?”. As she opens it he is able to make out many cards and alot of money. Bryan says nothing confused though clear of mind.

They go ahead and sit down and begin to eat.

Bryan: “So why does someone like you have so much damn money?”

“Why is someone like you so darn nosy?”

Bryan: “ Man Fu..”

“Relax, I am just kidding tough guy”

I have saved up for some time, and I am currently trying to start up my own business”

By robbing other fucking businesses?”

“Hey everyone starts somewhere, not like they needed it anyway!”

Clearly glaring at Bryan, “I didn't even get the crap from that store, thanks to somebody”

“Hey I didn't ask you!”

“Yeh, yeh I know, either what did you think I was homeless or something?”

“Of course I fucking thought that shit, what else was I supposed to think?”

Sighing, she tells him, “No i am not homeless”. Getting quieter she says under her breath, “at least not anymore…”

Bryan: “ What?”

“Look I use to work near the warehouse and I kinda thought it would be a cool location…. I contacted the owner and bought it and moved in! It’s fairly simple. I plan on using it to launch into my dreams of entertainment.

“What type of entertainment?”

“That there is a secret! If you stick around  long enough you may find out”, Winking she looks up smiling,” I can't wait”

Though she wasn't all that appealing to him, Bryan still got a little flustered after she winked at him.

Breaking from his hormones he  questions her,” so what the fuck am I supposed to call you anyway?”

“Well if that's your way of asking what name is, my name is Jayden, you can call me Jay for short.”

“Anyway what are we going to call you?”


You need a name man if you're going to be around other people

I have one!

“One, you can't remember”

Bryan: “......”

“Two, if you're going to get a job you're going to at least need a name let alone a I.D”


Jaydan: “We will talk about it later, let's get back”

(Page 5.1 End)


searchen1 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Loving your work so far! Can't wait for more.
hartfie212 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 15, 2017  Student Writer
omg you commented =OOOOOOO, thank you so much :happybounce: 
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