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Hey guys back with a little update! Good news or bad news first? Nuu 

Good news!!!!:

Basically, I am at page 20 of BookWorm when it comes to story and I think it might be more fleshed out than the first part of the main series, Becoming Popular. I've already planned out 2/3 of the story in Twine 2. I even planted some huge hints that will make more sense as the story goes on. I also plan on doing a background for every page of BookWorm. BookWorm Might end up being longer than Becoming Popular.:o (Eek) 

Screenshot (32) by hartfie212

I also recently ordered a replacement for my Wacom pen I lost some time ago. So plan on seeing some stuff that I personally drew on here. I also went to get Clip Studio Paint Pro since photoshopped pissed me off when I saw the features clip studio had that Photoshop didn't. Also been teaching myself DAZ 3D and looking into some other programs.:happybounce: 

First Sketch by hartfie212
I am learning to draw so don't expect much lol..... 

Bad News:


It might took me about five or so day before I am able to post most of the images..... The backgrounds I want to do are going to be a learning experience for me so I don't know if I will be able to get them all done in one day. The majority of the pictures will be super simple... but some of them are a bit more complicated than the others. Luckily that's not until page 9 so I should be able to keep it flowing but IDK.:( (Sad) 

Also, I have been super conflicted, I planned on doing a side story per part of the main story then going back to it.... but it seems like this story will be the size of the finished version of all three parts that will happen for Becoming Popular.... Idk if I shud get to a certain part and stop with BookWorm for awhile to finish off Becoming Popular.... or Simply finish off BookWorm first..... I could even do both at the same time but it may clutter up the page... idk. I am open for advice as I am new to making stories as Becoming Popular is my first. I think I've fainted. 

Mystery Character by hartfie212

Since I wouldn't be able to post a page today I figured I'd post this. Its a character in a current or future story, wonder if anyone will figure it out over time.:D (Big Grin) 
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