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Spent the day *trying* to finish BookWorm. I have failed but I have written the skeleton for around 70% of the story now. If I have time I will try to get further along tomorrow. cheers!Love 
Amir-Amira transformation (100th post) by hartfie212
If you want more info on this Image go here: Amir-Amira transformation (100th post)

First off, this is officially my 100th post on DA!

This marks a huge change for me on DA, as I originally started doing stories because I couldn't draw at all. Over the past month, I have been able to change that with the help of many people.

These are the people that have helped me most, with Undead & D-E-B helping me far more than anyone else:

Without them, I don't believe I would have improved this much so fast. I honestly can't believe how much better I have gotten in the past month. So thanks you guys!

Well now that we got that out of the way! It's time for our news report >:o

Good News:
Summary: I finished updating/fixing Becoming Popular Part 1 Full story (1-3). I got my computer back! I can actually draw and color now. I am looking to possibly collab with some people. I also might start doing request :p

I have my computer back and it is fully operational! I plan on starting on some new projects kin to some of my favorite artist here in the 3D realm ;). But don't expect any of that for some time. New original characters!


I have officially updated the 3 parts of the full story. The singular pages have not been updated at all and I will be taking my time on those. So if you liked the first part of my main series I recommend checking it out again! Entire pages were missing, names were in the wrong spots! Images were missing! Entire paragraphs have changed, making it a lot better of an experience for the reader.

I will be putting my focus towards finishing this story as at least one-third of the story is written. You may have noticed that Bookworm has something that Becoming Popular doesn't, custom backgrounds. I plan on continuing that, and due to my newfound ability to draw and color, you may even see a little bit of that in the mix. If not expect it in my next story ;)
FOS - The Story Of Bryan (Page8) by hartfie212
FOS - The Story Of Bryan (Page9) by hartfie212

New Original Characters!
Some character will be coming in stories that will come out in the not so very near future. That being said, the first OC that will be here to stay,(not counting OC's from stories) will be Cora! Who is Cora? If you have been around for some time you will have seen my first transformation. Which was a sequence of a school girl into business women. I decided to make the third transformation sequence, turning her back to herself and named her Cora. Cora is the first OC  that will be facing multiple transformations. She is also naturally female, so she will be my only character thus far that isn't TG, though she isn't the first I have had planned ;)
Maid to Cora transformation by hartfie212

Drawing & Coloring
I now have the ability to draw and color thanks to the help of many, some of which who are linked above. I plan on drawing more now and hope it won't take too much time from my stories. Maybe one day I could make a fully drawn story :p. So far I can only draw the chest up :/. over time I would like to eventually be able to draw the entire bodies.

I am also happy how far I have come

From this
FOS: BECOMING POPULAR-Cass drawing (Comparison) by hartfie212

to this
Amir-Amira transformation (100th post) by hartfie212
Expect a colored version of this soon ;)

Collabs & Request
I honestly don't know when I will be doing either of these. But I hope to start doing these both soon. A week or so ago I asked, unit1138 for permission to turn my drawing into her original character Feena which you can see below
Feena Face by hartfie212
Also, I was lucky enough to have msflurker agree to color My recent Drawing below. I plan on coloring it my self but  I can't wait to see what MSF comes up with. I have given MSF full creative freedom to do to the image as they please. Wouldn't it be cool if it came back looking like something completely different? Won't it be cool to compare the concepts we came up with? like hair color, eye color, even the background! Man, I can't wait to see what MSF does.For request please let me know if you want them. If so I might start them sooner than later. I will say this, for helping me fix Becoming Popular to the extent they did; PixelTamiko  will be getting priority when it comes to request.
Amir-Amira transformation (100th post) by hartfie212

Bad News:

So as many know, I started posting at the beginning of this year. 2 weeks after I started, my computer died on me. I just got my main computer back... and we were all hoping the content I had pre-created for FOS: BookWorm would be there..... Well, it isn't. Everything is gone and I am starting from scratch. Not only that it will take a crap ton of time to get the content from my mac, another laptop onto this computer. So yeah...all that stuff is gone, but I have already remade a lot of the story... but I have a bit more catching up to do on the images. Always optimistic though ^-^.

The Singular Images have not been updated, and A page was missing.... so I just posted 9 months late... sorry guys. If you want to get the updated experience read: Part 1-3 of the full story.  
FOS: Becoming Popular  11.1 by hartfie212

Heres the link for part 1: FOS Becoming Popular Full Part 1

Drawing & Coloring
Basically... I enjoy drawing a lot, and want to do it more. But it takes me literally an entire day at my skill level to draw half a body. I hope to get better over time, but I don't know to what extent I will be able to produce this type of content without taking away from my other content.... If you have any advice please let me know.

Welp that's everything guys! please comment me with anything you have to say! Also, let me know if you would be interested in me taking request. That being said, I hope you all have a great day and remember to stay optimistic!



Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hey I am a person just like you hopefully! I am going into Graphics & GameDesign. I am currently learning how to draw and write. I may in the future do some 3D art.

If you want to know what I use for the characters it is Stardoll & Photoshop


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